An ongoing collection of true stories.
Welcome to the new home of true! Originally the blog for Proximity, true has become a space for bi-weekly conversations around nonfiction storytelling, where you’ll find essays, writing on craft, reviews, interviews, and more. This is also a space where you can find some of Proximity's best essays, narrative journalism, documentary photo essays, and audio storytelling. Proximity is currently on hiatus.
Write for true
We publish essays and writing on the craft of nonfiction in its many forms, as well as reviews, interviews, and criticism. We are especially interested in the intersection of reporting and narrative; how nonfiction is and isn’t different from other genres; how we can make true stories compelling; and explorations of highly reflective, emotional, and layered work that exposes a truth about shared experiences in an exulting and punishing world. Email us: editors@truemag.org