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Proximity‘s editorial team invites you to join our weekly conversations around the world of telling true stories. Pitch us your idea for a TRUE post using the following categories as your guide:

Theme: A space to explore the theme of the current (or future) Proximity issue, or a specific piece within it, in more depth through reviews, interviews, craft essays, or otherwise. Note: We are not looking for essays that are exclusively personal; those are reserved for Proximity’s quarterly issues.

Reviews: Where we review nonfiction storytelling in all its forms. Explore a compelling work you’ve recently encountered—documentaries, photojournalism, public art, performance, or great reads.

Craft: A space to explore craft and the work of “creating” true stories. Share your own point of view or offer another’s perspective through an interview, panel discussion, or summary piece.

Flotsam: If you have an idea for a post that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the above, please let us know. We are especially interested in work that generates or continues conversation around telling true stories.

In Conversation: These posts are reserved for pressing conversations that are in response to work published elsewhere, larger conversations around telling true stories taking place around the interwebs or your kitchen table. These subjects should feel hinged on a moment in time and require publication ASAP. Ultimately, we consider these editorials, albeit many will be deeply personal.

Looking for good examples of what we’re seeking? Read TRUE.

Ready to PITCH? Please send the (appropriate) editor an email with the following information: a description of your post (200 words or less), a brief bio, any links to sample writing, and if this is something for which you already have a draft, let us know that (but please do not attach it). Posts should aim to be under 750 words.

Maggie Messitt (maggie@proximitymagazine.org) — In Conversation
Stephanie Trott (stephanie@proximitymagazine.org) — Craft, Flotsam, Reviews, and Theme

Proximity is unable to pay writers at this time. As a young literary magazine, we strive to do so and are working hard to make this happen in the future, starting with contributors to our quarterly and (hopefully) then to our blog TRUE. We fully recognize that publishing with us is an act of support for our publication’s aim to seek out and publish great nonfiction from emerging and established writers and an investment in Proximity‘s future growth.