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Proximity‘s TRUE editorial team is growing! We invite you to apply for one of our editorial positions focused on further developing our weekly conversations around telling true stories.

As we grow, we’re looking for four to eight editors to work on the following weekly essay types:

Theme: A space to explore the theme of the current (or future) Proximity issue, or a specific piece within it, in more depth through reviews, interviews, craft essays, or otherwise.

Reviews: Where we review nonfiction storytelling in all its forms. Explore a compelling work you’ve recently encountered—documentaries, photojournalism, public art, performance, or great reads.

Craft: A space to explore craft and the work of “creating” true stories. Share your own point of view or offer another’s perspective through an interview, panel discussion, or summary piece.

Flotsam: Ideas for brief essays that don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories, work that generates or continues conversations around telling true stories.

COMMITMENT: With the support of Proximity’s Managing Editor and TRUE’s Senior Editor, we ask our TRUE editors to solicit, manage, edit, and publish one post a month. For example, if you’re our new Reviews Editor, you’ll be responsible for finalizing your monthly post by a pre-established date for publication (and review by the Managing Editor or Senior Editor). At this time, we are also willing to consider split-positions (two editors, each responsible for every-other-month). Please note the commitment level that interests you within your cover letter. If you’d like to apply as a team, please submit your applications individually, but note the co-editor you’d like us to consider alongside your application. If you’re interested in co-editorship, you do not need to do so as a team. Please note: Proximity and TRUE are managed and edited by a 100% volunteer team.

APPLICATION: Cover Letter (within which you must note your commitment level interest, the specific area for which you’re applying — Theme, Reviews, Craft, Flotsam — and let us know the direction you’re interested in taking this writing), Resume, Writing Sample.

SUBMISSION: Carefully follow these steps:
+ Send your application to the following TWO email addresses: maggie@proximitymagazine.org and dina@proximitymagazine.org
+ Be sure to use the following subject line: [Your Name] Type of Editor APPLICATION

DEADLINE: Our deadline is rolling. We’re looking for some new editors to start in December and others in January and February. So, if you’re interested, don’t wait to let us know!